The genesis of Flash Pots...(during Covid!)

Well, I think we can all agree 2020 has been an odd year...

I began working full-time from home in mid-march. I was very fortunate in that I wasn't furloughed, but with such a big changes in the country's mood and economy it was a busy time.

Alot of people took the time to spruce up my homes - one of the tasks I undertook was to paint a couple of old concrete plant pots I had lying around. I loved the look of the grey, but they needed jazzing-up. I uploaded the result to Instagram and people quite liked them!

I didn't know it then, but Flash Pots as a brand was already beginning to bubble away in my sub-concious.

I'm a huge fan of houseplants and what they can bring to a home. The lockdown meant I bought more plant-babies and needed pots for them to sit in.

Anyone who has ever undertaken a search for plant pots will know how bland many of them are - it's a surprising challenge to find any injected with an ounce of I decided to make my own.

What followed was several months of planning, sourcing of potential stock, trial and error in design/method (oh so many errors!), but I eventually landed on a system and product I'm really proud of.

I'm very happy you're hear for the journey...

Simon x

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